8 Steps to Prepare for Canoeing Trip

Canoeing is a great recreational activity, but it requires certain preparation. Since you live in a city, you need to prepare a few things before you head out. So, let’s find out how you should prepare yourself for canoeing this summer.

  1. Find a location

A river perhaps. Yes, you need to find a river because of the flat water. Do a proper homework.

  1. Get a Canoe(let’s assume you don’t have one)

You can find some great Canoe rentals in Barrie Ontario. In fact,Happypaddling.comis the number resource for all kinds of water sports, including canoeing. You may want to get canoe courses before you do it all by yourself in the river.

  1. Plan your trip

A good water sports service will be able to give you a rough idea about the following things:

  • How long it will take to travel down different portions of the river,
  • What obstacles you might face during the trip (dams, rough water, etc.), and
  • Who you will need to talk to for the proper permits.
  1. Get a Map

Even if the river is a straight shot from one end to the other, you will probably want to know where you are at some point.

  • The easiest (and cheapest) way to get a river map is to find it with a mapping tool like Google Earth.
  • Just locate the river and print out the portion you plan on canoeing. It is a good idea to get a few good close-up images campsites, forks in the waterway, entry and exit points, etc. to help you identify landmarks.
  • A GPS unit can be helpful to keep you on course, too.
  1. Pack the Food

Plan your snacks and meals out and bring only as much food as will be consumed. It’s best not to bring perishables (like eggs, meat, etc) on multi-day trips, but if you must then use a small cooler with a block of ice in the bottom and cubed ice up to the top, tied closed and to the canoe with bungee cords.

  1. Water is Must

You will probably drink a great deal of water – much more than you normally do, since you are exercising and exposed to the elements throughout most of the trip.

Bring a sports-style water bottle for each person, and a gallon of clean drinking water in a jug to get started. To get potable water from a river, you can

  • Filter it with a pump-style water filter
  • Clean it chemically with iodine tablets and neutralizer, or Boil it.
  1. Pack Fire equipment
  • Pick up a fire starting product that says it will light even when wet, since you might have trouble finding dry tinder lying around.
  • Pack all of your fire-making tools in a water-tight container, like a plastic jar or dry bag.
  1. Have Latest Weather Updates

Check the local weather the day before you leave to get an idea of how to pack, but always expect at least one cold night, one hot day, and rain.

Always bring these items

  • A raincoat and some lightweight tarps,
  • Sunblock and sunglasses, and
  • A light jacket and pants


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