Varieties of Fast Food

There are lots of restaurants and small joints near me. A break is much needed to socialize with friends. For me break means, exploring new cuisines. There are millions of fast food near me.

Road Side Stall Fast Food

 Noodle is a very popular cuisine. It is typical Chinese food but you can get noodles everywhere including small road side joints. But if you want authentic Chinese noodle you must visit to popular Chinese eateries. Now it has become an important staple food in many cultures. Noodles are also available in sealed packets, these are known as instant noodles, you just have to boil it with water and serve hot. Instant noodles are generally cooked within five minutes that’s why it is a very popular fast food.

Important Baked Items Which Belong to Fast Food

There are various bakeries and cake shops near me. These items never disappoint me. These includes various types of home baked cakes, breads, pies, tarts etc. Home bake cakes are delicious. Different flavors are added to it for uplifting your mood. Garlic and ginger bread deserves a special mention. Brownie is just too good.

Different Types of Fries in Fast Food

There are lots of fast food near me which includes varieties of fries and pakoras. Fish butter fry is my all time favorite. Oops! I forgot about fish and chips. Fish and chips is an internationally famous cuisine. Juicy Basa Fish fillet is deeply fried in olive oil. The dish is served with potato finger chips. Always tarter dip is served with this dish. Cutlet is a mouth watering fast food. Cutlet means a thin slice of meat obtained from the legs or ribs of pork, mutton or beef. Fish cutlet is also a renowned dish. Prawn and shrimp cutlets never fails to uplift my mood.

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